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Are you a Licensed Master's Social Worker (LMSW) preparing to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and need to complete your clinical training? Tamara P. Fields may be the perfect fit for you. Your  clinical training experience will be guided by your supervisor who will help you develop and refine the skills you need to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. On average, your clinical training can take approximately two years to complete, which provides you with ample time to build excellent clinical skills that will propel you into your future. Tamara offers the flexibility and support you need to become a well rounded and clinically sound social worker.


What is Clinical Supervision?
The supervision of a Licensed Master Social Worker, who is providing clinical services and is under a board-approved supervision plan to fulfill supervision requirements for achieving the LCSW; a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a board-approved supervisor delivers this supervision.

Who can receive clinical supervision?
In order for you to receive clinical supervision you must be licensed as a Licensed Master Social Worker.

When does clinical supervision begin?
The LMSW can begin accruing hours upon retaining a LCSW-S to provide supervision. From that date, the LMSW has 30 calendar days in which to submit the Clinical Plan for approval. The LMSW does not have to wait for approval to accrue hours.


Plans are not generally “disapproved”. Instead, they are found deficient and the LMSW is given the opportunity to resolve the deficiency. Upon resolving the deficiency, the plan is approved with an effective date of the start date listed on the form (as long as it is within 30 days of submission). If the start date listed is more than 30 days, staff will list the effective date as 30 days prior to the received date of the plan.

What is the process for clinical supervision?
The LMSW must receive approval from their employer to obtain Supervision outside of their agency. A board approved LCSW-S must be identified to provide supervision. A supervision plan must be completed and reviewed by the LCSW-S for approval. The supervision plan must be submitted to the board for approval.


Who has to approve a supervision plan?
The process requires the LCSW-S to review the plan closely and determine whether it meets the regulatory standards. The supervision plan must be submitted to the board for approval.


What is the process to get a supervision plan approved?
LMSW must within 30 days of initiating supervision, submit to the board one clinical supervisory plan for each location of practice for approval by the board.


LMSW must submit a current job description from the agency in which the social worker is employed with a verification of authenticity from the agency director or his or her designee on agency letterhead.

In order for a plan to be approved, the position description or other relevant documentation must demonstrate that the duties of the position are clinical (conducting assessments, treatment planning and diagnosis).

LMSW must submit a new supervisory plan within 30 days of changing supervisors or practice locations.

Can I obtain supervision if I currently hold a position that is non-clinical?
If the LMSW’s primary work setting does not meet the board’s minimum requirements, the LMSW may engage in an additional four hours per week of work in a setting which does meet the minimum requirements. In this case, the LMSW would submit a supplemental Clinical Supervision Plan (Form III), 
attached to the Clinical Supervision Plan for the “non-clinical” work, and the LMSW may receive board approval upon review. Board approval is in writing and mailed to the LMSW.

How many hours are required for Supervision?
LMSW are required to receive 100 hours of clinical supervision while completing their 3000 hours of clinical experience. Supervision shall occur in proportion to the number of actual hours worked with a baseline of one hour of supervision for every 40 hours worked. Supervision shall occur on average at least twice a month and for no less than four hours a month. If supervision is twice a month it should be for two hours per session. No more than 10 hours of supervision may be counted in any one month or 30-day period. This can take 24-48 months to complete.


If supervisee works part-time at least 20 hours a week, supervision shall occur on average at least one a month and no less than two hours per month.

How does supervision occur?
Supervision toward licensure may occur in one on one session, in group sessions or a combination of one on one and group sessions. Sessions may transpire in the same geographic location or via audio, web technology or other electronic supervision techniques that comply with HIPAA and Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 611, and/or other applicable state or federal statutes or rules.

How do I contract with you for supervision?
Contact me at and inquire if I am accepting Supervisees. Email a copy of your resume. Schedule an appointment for an interview. Come prepared to your interview to discuss your clinical training needs. If you are accepted as a supervisee we will complete the necessary paperwork and schedule weekly or bi-weekly supervision.


What are the rates for Clinical Supervision?
If the clinical placement site has to be provided for the supervisee due to working in a non-clinical setting, the rate is $300.00 per month for a combination of individual and group supervision.


If only clinical supervision is required the rate is $200.00 per month for a combination of individual and group supervision.

Payment for supervision is due at the beginning of every month.

Where can I find additional information?

Rules Relating to the Licensing and Regulation of Social Workers” (Statutes and Rules) (Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners, 22 TAC Part 34, Chapter 781), they are available on the Behavioral Health Executive Council ( website. The Clinical Supervision Plan for LCSW (click the link) is also availale on the BHEC website.  

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