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"You can only become who you want to be by going through the process of letting go of who you are.” - Tamara P. Fields

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H. E. A. L. 


Strengthen mental and emotional health


The ability to understand and share the feelings of another


Protect and support those seeking mental and emotional help


Freedom from suffering through emotional healing


Crystal Clear Behavioral Health Services is committed to providing quality mental health services to underserved communities and populations.

Crystal Clear has actively worked at creating an integrated model of care whose benefits offered can be received by all. Our agency has established strong relationships with other community resource centers that help us to identify and reach out to clients in need. We provide in-office and home-based services to families who would otherwise be disenfranchised. Our staff strives to empower clients through increasing the client’s emotional awareness and ability to make positive decisions. In recognition of the fact that each client is unique and as such, one’s path towards healing is also varied, Crystal Clear Behavioral Health Services Inc. offers a variety of evidence-based interventions as is fitting to each individual client. 


A society that is unified in its commitment to the mental health and well–being of all. 

We are actively and passionately committed to the client, clinicians, and the supporting resources with the belief that by strengthening the client and offering support to the clinicians, the community as a whole becomes healthier. Crystal Clear seeks to strengthen the mental health of its community through partnering with other agencies, training young clinicians and providing an environment and therapeutic techniques that focus on healing. Our goal is to provide a safe place for the client where healing can occur with the belief that this healing will change the trajectory of the client’s life. This is achieved by identifying the needs of the family and creating an integrated approach to individuals and families who are struggling in how to deal with or adjusting to daily life stressors, crisis and trauma.

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