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Starting your own clinical practice can be a tough and overwhelming process if you are uncertain about every step you need to take. It helps to have someone who has been where you are to guide you along the journey of starting your own business and set you up for success. Mentorship has been proven to have a direct correlation to creating success in our top athletes, businessmen and women, and leaders.

If you are looking for someone to help guide you step-by-step through the initial process of starting your own practice, reach out to Tamara Fields. A long-time business owner and licensed mental health professional, Tamara has the expertise and program designed to give you the knowledge and understanding you need. You will meet with her regularly to review each aspect of starting your own practice, ranging from legal components to logistical setup and more. 

When you are ready, connect with Tamara at for more information.

Loria Lofton, LMFT-S


"Without hesitation, I can attest to the knowledge and insight of Ms. Tamara Fields, LCSW-S. Tamara is consistently informed regarding changes in clinical social work and in the field of mental health counseling as a whole. I view her as a “guru” on the topic of professional ethics as she has shared her knowledge in conferences and with me personally. She makes herself readily available to assist in the mentoring and growth of her colleagues. Because she is a quick thinker, she is able to offer immediate possible solutions for almost any issue that is presented to her. Tamara exudes diligence and pursues the high standard that she has set for herself. Similarly, she is caring, giving, and very supportive.  As a result, she opted to host (often at her own expense)  the “Clinicians Meet-Up”, a gathering of local mental health clinicians, educators, students, and interested parties which provided a forum for updating, discussing, and sharing information relevant to those attendees. Her identified goals were to prevent feelings of isolation by creating a supportive network, to keep practicing professionals abreast of changes, and to promote the advancement of individuals/clinicians committed to helping others.  Feedback indicated that these meetings were quite beneficial. Conclusively, I must say that it would be a stretch for me to recall a conversation or encounter with Tamara in which I did not leave more informed and/or enlightened. She is a tremendous asset to the profession." 

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