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Phyllis Grant, LCSW

Clinical Therapist (Homewood Location Only)

Phyllis Grant, LCSW

Phyllis is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that has extensive experience working with individuals, families and couples to maximize their highest level of potential. Her vast experience includes group work with children and parents, hospital social services, homeless social services, and therapy with adults, couples, adolescents and youths.

She is a clinician who uses practical skills to assist individuals with being effective change agents for themselves. She encourages individuals to develop healthy resolutions and empowers them to identify their life’s purpose. Her clients experience her as professional, personable and non-judgmental, creating a relaxed, comfortable and safe therapeutic environment.

Her passion is partnering with women in a non-judgmental way allowing open and honest communication to affect holistic change. She is passionate about providing women with optimal therapy services that fosters wholeness, inspiration and restoration.

Phyllis uses a combination of multiple therapeutic approaches to assist her clients with achieving optimal success.

In her spare time Phyllis enjoys traveling, reading and nature walks.

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